Time management

Actually time management is a myth. How it is possible to manage the time? It is like a river which simply flows. It is impossible to stop it or turn it back. Time does not change. Everything, that we can manage, is ourselves and the way we spend the given time.

Time management is an aim. The aim of time management is to change our behaviour. In general it is a plan, how to manage our habits, not the plan, how to manage the time. It is necessary to set clear objectives and to follow them for a certain period of time to see, whether we have achieved them or not. We have to introduce our daily regime and to follow it, because who is responsible for our lives, if not we ourselves?
It is believed, that today, in 21st century, there are refined instruments of time management. It is not true. It does not make sense, whether it is some planner, program, diary or a piece of paper – the most important thing is to understand, for what purposes the time is spent now, and to develop a plan, for what purposes it will be spent hereafter.

We have to find out things, what our time is spent for. Maybe we have become victims for some time thieves? Just think about the time, which is spent for surfing in the Internet, for reading of e-mails or for talks on the phone. Maybe we are surrounded by people, who are used to that we are devoting all of our attention only then, when they want it. Why do we not love ourselves? Maybe we are available any time, when they want to talk to us? What do we get from gossips? Maybe we are called every time, when something is burning? Are we firemen?

We have to learn to set our priorities. Nevertheless, how big is our business or how big is a heap of our houseworks, we are not alone. We have to relay on others and let them accomplish some works. We have to be smart and to avoid works, that we do not like, letting others to do them. Only after that we will be able to see some changes of our productivity. Split your priorities in four dimensions or, in other words, in square on basis of important and urgent works.

It is important to set the term. Have you noticed, that when we are doing works that we like time passes unnoticeably? But there are works that linger all day long as well. Also there are works that we are doing only to avoid works, that we just hate. Often these works are works which are obligatory. That is why we are trying to avoid them, but by avoiding them we are fooling ourselves, because we know that sooner or later we will have to accomplish them.

Do not waste your time on standby. It is clear that this is impossible to avoid waiting of something or someone. For example, rows, traffic jams, unpredicted situations and chronically retardants. It is recommended to get some alternative for situations like these, for example, some book for reading or piece of paper for sketches of creative ideas.

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